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The Chicago based marketing agency for magazines and magazine publishers, ValueMags, is dedicated to finding a publisher that wants to partner to spread awareness about many health issues. Among the many health issues out there, ValueMags President Andrew Degenholtz is familiar with one that affects many people and often can only be solved long term with surgery.

Degenholtz is one of many individuals that suffers from herniated discs. The pain caused by herniated discs can be excruciating and it is even more frustrating for individuals that suffer from them because it cannot be seen. Those who do not see the pain, like a cast, are less likely to understand the effort required to get up and go about one’s day with the pain from herniated discs.


Discs are like jelly donuts in between your vertebrae in your back. Normally, they are meant to stay in place. However, in many cases, humans will do movements that will cause a disc to slip out of place. When a disc slips out, it puts pressure on the nerves surrounding the spine and sometimes on the spinal cord itself. Degenholtz has trouble playing with his kids sometimes which breaks his heart. The ValueMags President wants to make individuals more aware of the solutions for these problems. In light of magazines and the industry, the medium is a great way to communicate messages because they are attractive with images and headlines yet informative at the same time.

Ways to fix the pain of herniated discs include therapy in different forms. For the most part, therapy is not a permanent solution. It is temporary and for some like Degenholtz, do nothing at all. Drugs are also optional to soothe the pain but that just tricks the mind into thinking that there is no pain. Lastly, there is various forms of back surgery like disc replacement and spinal fusion. Unfortunately for Degenholtz, fusion may be in his future. But, if there was an informative magazine such as one ValueMags could offer, the ValueMags President could have avoided movements that caused for the slipped discs.

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