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Online reputation management needs to be seen as the pinnacle to setting the tone for your overall reputation. Once you realize that your online reputation management is one of the key components to defining who you are in the minds of the public and how they see you, then the sooner you can take control of your own online reputation management before someone else does. Online reputation management does not have a set of laws that companies and the public need to follow. Of course negative comments, depending on the degree and impact of the comment, can be taken to court in hopes of getting a court order from a judge to get it taken down or deleted but this will draw the wrong kind of attention to your brand or company. It is easier if you deal with this type of negativity through creative online reputation management strategies instead of legally.


Your online reputation management needs to be recognized as one of the key components of your overall reputation because of the age we live in. In  a society where so many people are reliant on technology, you need to take into account that Google is available at their fingertips 24/7. Google is no longer a useful tool that is left at home, chained to a desk. Consumers are able to search your product or service at their free will whenever they wish with the introduction and success of smart phone technology. Your online reputation management is now portable and being scrutinized by consumer now more than ever for the online reviews.

You need to make sure that what is being said about your brand is accurate and makes you look good because of the influence it has on consumers and their purchasing power. They will often look for the approval of other consumers who have previously used your product or service to see how they liked it or what they didn’t necessarily like about it.

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