GWC Valve International: Termination Under Labor Unions

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When a large business like the GWC Valve International company needs to fire someone, it gets more complicated than it seems. You can’t just fire someone because they don’t show up for work one time or if they show up intoxicated to work. It is more complex than that. This is why most large businesses would rather higher a union and have their employees unionized in order for the union to take care of the termination part of a mangers job. There are so many legal implications when it comes to termination and not everyone understands this or is clear of this.


There are several ways that an employer’s conduct can violate the law including, threatening employees with loss of jobs or benefits if they join or vote for a union, threatening to close the plant if employees decide that they want a union, questioning employees about their union sympathies or activities, promising benefits to employees to discourage their union support, laying off, transferring employees or assignment them difficult tasks so that they quit themselves, and as well as punishing employees because they filed unfair labor practices or because they engaged in union activities.

There are also some labor organization conducts that violate the law including things like threatening employees that they’ll lose their jobs unless they join the union, seeking the suspension or discharge or other punishment for not being a labor union member, refusing to process a grievance because an employee has criticized union officials or because the employee is not a union member in a certain state, fining employees who have chosen to resign from the union, engaging in misconduct such as threatening and assaulting non-strikers and of course striking over issues that aren’t related to employment terms and conditions. All of these acts will not be permitted from employers and unions once a union has been signed.

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