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Agriculture is the most important sector of your economy and it contributes almost 30-40% in the total national income. But now due to increase in the deforestation and other such activities many agricultural activities are getting affected as deforestation affects the minerals of the soil which leads to soil erosion. Due to the problem of the soil erosion now it has become impossible for many farmers to do framing. So, to overcome this problem a new process is getting famous in market known as hydroponic. It is the process of growing and cultivating plants without soil, it is done with the help of nutrients minerals solutions.


Different type of system used for growing plants

There are various systems of growing plants in this way. Even the equipments used for this process are very different and they are available at Hydroponics store. You can easily get the equipments visiting these shops. Following are the different type of hydroponic systems:

Drip system: This system is very famous among all type of systems and it is the widely used system. Drip system is preferred by all the planters whether they are growing plants at house or for commercial purpose. Under drip system a drip is installed under the ground with the help of a pipe which drips all the nutrients on each plant. All the work is time based and the nutrients come out of the drip once the timer turns the pump.

Aeroponics system: This is the one most advanced hydroponics system developed by the scientists. As the name suggests this system is performed above the land. Under this system all the plants are hanged in the air with their roots out and then the nutrient solution is sprinkled with the help of the pump from below the plant where a large vessel is kept full with nutrient solution.

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